Drone Services

Drones are the need of the hour, and we want to use this technology to help inspect and monitor the health of solar panels.


Using a drone inspection solution from DroniTech for visual inspection, provides benefits such as:

  • Inspection of areas difficult to access
  • Preventive maintenance planning and optimised production
  • Access to areas that pose health and safety risk to humans
  • Quick on-site deployment of the inspection system
  • Authorized and qualified inspection personnel
  • Fast response time hence, reduced downtime

Solar Panel Inspections

Cells become negatively biased and instead of producing electrical energy it produces heat energy due to:

  • Cell Failure
  • Interconnection Failure
  • Melting of Solder
  • Degradation of Solar Cell
  • Decrease of operational efficiency
  • Potential problem areas can be detected and repaired


Report is created by our solar experts which details

  • Results of thermal inspection
  • Location and count of modules with warm cells which could be due to -
    • Damaged Cells
    • Underperforming Cells
    • Shadows