We believe in and represent all the solar industry stakeholders. The industry cannot grow only through its customers or through its manufactures or developers. It’s a collective affirmative decision of each and every stakeholder to play an active role for successful functioning of Solar PV industry.

Solar rooftop PV system has tremendous untapped potential. It is cost effective, higher efficiency, lesser transmission and distribution losses and proper utilization of available vacant roof space.

Be a land owner, roof top owner or an EPC contractor, project developer, a solar product manufacturer or an Investor, a solar consultant or an equipment vendor, we encourage each and every one to partner and associate with us who are interested in the Solar Network of the world.

Do register yourself and get our value added services as per your needs. Financial consulting, complete technical consulting, existing project revamp, solar funding deployment, acquisition advisory and foreign collaborations, strategic partnerships are some of the services that we offer.

Lets join hands and take the world on a path to rapid Solar deployment.

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